Searching for


  • Piebald Combo females
  • interesting Clown or het. Clown females

Please do not offer anything else! – thanks!

– offers preferly with all details and pics please

– please do not offer any poss. hets.! – only 100% het.!

– A trade is normally possible, make me an offer.


We will attend the following shows:

14. March – Hamm

19. April – Gießen

03. May – Frankfurt

06. June – Mainz

13. June – Hamm

16. August – Frankfurt

06. September – Gießen

12. September – Hamm

11. October – Snakeday Houten (NL)

18. October – Frankfurt

31. October – Hockenheim

12. December – Hamm

20. December – Gießen

15. December – Gießen

Ballpythons CB 2019


Morph: Killer Butter Enchi Clown
Genetics: Superpastel / Butter / Enchi / Clown
Hets.: /
Sex: 1.0 (male)
Dae of birth: July 2019


Morph: Firefly Russo
Genetics: Fire / Pastel / Russo
Hets.: 100% het. Clown
Sex: 1.0 (male)
Date of birth: July 2019


Morph: Butter Pastel Clown
Genetics: Butter / Pastel / Clown
Hets.: /
Sex: 1.0 (male)
Date of birth: July 2019


Morph: Butter Pastel Enchi Clown
Genetics: Butter / Pastel / Enchi / Clown
Hets.: /
Sex: 1.0 (male)
Date of birth: August 2019


On the following pages you will find our Terms, our current availability of animals, the shows we will attend and the animals we’re looking for.

If you are interested in one of our animals or if you have any question, please send us a mail and we will respond as soon as possible :). Please write the ID of the animal in you mail.


– I only offer animals, that are healthy in my appear, for eventually later coming diseases or loss of the animal I cannot take over responsibility after leaving my premises

-I only let my offsprings go after they had some meals. – I definitely don’t sell giving animals, which does not eat themself!

– The sex determination is by my best opinion by eversion but without guarantee.

– You can pick up the animals at my house or on an show I am attending after an agreement.

Shipping within Germany and to Austria is normally possible from monday to wednesday on costs and risk of the customer and will be organized by me only. We can also ship to other countries on request from any Hamm show (march, june, september and december)

I will only accept and do an handover or ship afer I have recieved of the whole amount of money.

– If you want to reserve an animal we require a non-refundable deposit. The reserved animal has to be picked up or shipped within a agreed time.

It is not possible to trade or return bought animals.


On the following pages you will find information about keeping and breeding Ballpythons and a introduction in the genetics. I hope those pages are interesting and usefull for you. Of course we are happy to help you with any further questions.